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How to Confidently Handle Challenging Workplace Conversations


Many managers and even HR professionals can feel apprehensive, unsure and nervous about having the type of discussion with an employee that would be considered ‘difficult’ for one reason or another.

Some people put off these types of conversations but if you don’t tackle it, the employee could be misled by thinking there is not an issue and you might be denying them of the opportunity to put things right.

This article from Personnel Today talks about some ways in which you can take the fear out of meetings, but you can also use the tips below to remind yourself of the best ways to handle a tricky conversation:


Emma Morris of Embrace HR is an experienced HR professional with 20 years experience of handling difficult discussions effectively – if you are being challenged by toxic workplace behaviours, talk to us today about specific situations you are experiencing or get in touch to find out about training we can provide to line managers to help them to become more confident and effective.


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