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11 May 2020

Returning to Work Measures - Coronavirus Considerations


The Government’s Guidance around easing lockdown measures and helping people get back to work in the coming weeks has now been released - go to: Working Safely 

The guidance continues to encourage people to work from home, where they are able to do so.  Workplaces are being asked to carry out an appropriate COVID-19 risk assessment, just as you would for other Health and Safety related hazards. Set out below are some of the possible control measures you might consider in specific settings.  This is based on Government discussions with business leaders and Trade Unions. 

Consider how this will apply to your workplace settings and, above all, put risk assessments in place that meet the needs of your employees and businesses (Businesses with more than five employees must produce a written risk assessment of control measures for working conditions in relation to the pandemic and businesses with more than 50 staff are being asked to publish their risk assessments on their websites.)  Remember - your duty of care as an employer continues regardless of where the employee is working, be it in a home or a workplace setting, and it also covers their mental and psychological wellbeing.  If you would like help getting started on your risk assessment, contact me for an extensive draft template.  

The measures include additional hygiene procedures, physical screens where possible and the use of protective equipment as well as anything further that is reasonably possible to reduce the risk if social distancing of two metres between workers is impossible - a detailed breakdown is given below for certain settings. 

General guidance considerations for all workplaces


Hotels and restaurants


Workers in other people’s homes


Factories and warehouses


Shops and branches




Working outdoors


Working in a vehicle (including deliveries)


Also give consideration to:

*Shielded “extremely vulnerable” people will potentially be prevented from doing any work that isn’t carried out at home.  Businesses should help non-shielded but “vulnerable” people work from home where possible, or take extra care enforcing social distancing around them in the workplace.       

Contact me if you would like any assistance with your risk assessments, return to work documentation and employee-related policies.  


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