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'Wheel of'... Tool - Icebreaker - Discussion / Conversation Starter - Training / Inductions


Use this fantastic free resource to create your own 'Wheel of...' Tool.  Based on 'Wheel of Fortune', this tool can be personalised to use in a variety of situations.  For example: 

This 'Wheel of...' Tool can be used in a wide variety of ways.  Go to this link to create your own: wheelofnames.com/

Create your own wheel using the link above.  Enter the section headings or questions (you might want to abbreviate it if it's a long question / topic) and then save the tool.  You can create a link if you want to share the tool.  As it's online, you will obviously need an internet link and a screen to show the tool if you're using it in a training session or presentation.

Click on this link to use Embrace HR's sample Discussion Wheel tool: https://wheelofnames.com/p32-cgr 


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