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6 May 2020

What are the key factors we need to take into consideration for employers as we prepare to return to the workplace over the coming weeks?

The Government have promised to release some guidelines on Sunday around easing lockdown measures and helping people get back to work in the coming weeks. They have already been in talks with business leaders and Trade Unions.

The measures will look at people safely returning in the workplace, and I’m going to be putting a lot of information around how to do that here on my website, but I am confident that the guidance will continue to encourage people to work from home, where they are able to do so.

The measures will be giving a lot of guidance about re-opening certain settings such as restaurants and hotels, factories, people working in other people’s home and doing deliveries, as well as guidance around shops and offices. The key requirement for this, along with following all of the relevant Government guidance is to do a risk assessment for each workplace setting.

But also remember that your duty of care as an employer continues regardless of where the employee is working, be it in a home or a workplace setting, and it also covers their mental and psychological wellbeing. So think about that – what can you be doing as an employer that makes a difference? Employers have the opportunity to have a really pivotal role right now in their employees' lives.

Amongst other things, you need to consider:

But also think about those people continuing to work from home and have they got the right set-up that going to help them be engaged and productive and is not going to lead to them experiencing physical and even mental and emotional difficulties?

For those people still working from home, as well as those you might be onboarding or re-boarding think about how to help staff readjust when they come back to work, get them back up to speed and how to boost morale. So you might want to consider:

For the future:

Remember, we’re all in the same storm but we’re not all in the same boat.


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